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Polaris Elevators & Escalators was founded with a vision to provide the best lifts, elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, walkways and similar solutions for residential, commercial and industries in Doha, Qatar. Over the years, our expertise and craftsmanship has earned us the reputation of being one of the most trusted elevator companies in Qatar.

We specialize in the Supply, Installation, Repair, Maintenance & Upgrade of all types of Elevators and Escalators. Our elevators in Qatar cater to Commercial Towers & Buildings, Private villas & Palaces, Industrial & Service Sectors and Hospital needs.All our Products have the Quality Certificate of "ISO / 9000 / 9001" and the Quality Mark CE. We deal with European products exclusively: German brand.

Our Products are designed with emphasis on Comfort, Safety & Speed with high quality materials, certified engineers and architects, skilled and experienced manpower. We also provide reliable and prompt Elevators and Excellent after sales Service. That is the reason, we were able to execute more than 1500 projects in various sectors.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to bring passion and expertise while addressing new challenges and exploring new possibilities to push boundaries and bring the best to our customers. We also aim to apply the latest in innovation, including artificial intelligence and have a new generation of engineers who can help realise our passion.

We follow the values of honesty, integrity, timeliness to create ethical and practical solutions that drive the best for our customers.

Range of Elevator Solutions

We provide a range of elevators in Qatar depending on your requirement and where you need to place them. We focus on getting you to the different levels of your building with quiet and smooth rides by integrating cutting edge technology, increased durability and maximum uptime. Our engineers and technicians ensure that installation of the elevators are done scientifically so they consume less power and provide more space and freedom to the users. If you are looking to make new upgrades to your elevators, we can help you there as well.

Commitment to Quality and Reliability

As professionals in the field of elevator installation, we are totally committed to our customers' needs, by providing safe and reliable solutions that they can proudly use and show off. Our commitment, honesty, dedication and integrity are what makes us one of the best elevator companies in Qatar. Our work is done in total transparency so you will always be kept in the loop of what’s happening.

Why Choose Us

As professionals in the field of elevators and escalators, we can do a thorough and impeccable job that would transform the way you see your home. The convenience and elegance in this incredible addition would definitely add value and style. When you choose us, you don't have to worry about anything because we do everything professionally, swiftly and with your best interests at heart.
Contact Polaris when you want to install the best elevators in Qatar in your building. We provide the best solutions whether you need to install a new elevator or just want to modernise an existing one. We use sophisticated lighting, quality materials and rich textures to provide customisable aesthetics and to complement any space.

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We Give You The Best
Our company has a good long term relationship with OEMs from Germany and Japan. We are dealing with German products with customized solution depends on the clients requests. As a Polaris, we are providing end to end services on multibrand elevators and escalators.
We Give You The Best


Being one of the elevator companies in Qatar, Polaris Elevators offers a wide range of services which are as follows:

What sets us apart from the other elevator companies in Qatar is our unwavering sense of dedication and commitment to excellence. Known for high-quality craftsmanship and use of premium materials, our elevators in Qatar ensure durability and reliability. We pride ourself in providing innovative and customizable elevator solutions that are ensured to meet every client’s specific needs and requirements. Moreover, the dedication to the customer service shines with responsive support and competitive pricing. With proven track record and wide range of expertise in the field, we proudly say that Polaris Elevators is the trusted choice for elevators in Qatar.

Polaris Elevators has the capability and expertise in handling diverse range of elevators in Qatar. Whether its for residential or commercial complex, Polaris has the right solution for everyone.

We place paramount importance of safety and quality assurance in all our installation and services. We ensure that every lift installation complies with the strictest safety requirements by abiding by local safety laws and guidelines. To maintain the lifts' safety and functionality, routine maintenance and inspections are carried out.

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